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My Life Draft Rankings/Stats

Post by kungfupandacam on Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:08 am

I aint seen anything like this on the wiki so far, and I tend to hate bumping old posts at the other forums I'm at, my apologies if anything of this nature's already available...

anyways, every now and then, I flirted with taking the 'mlb career' path, even though I basically had little clue what all the strengths and weaknesses did, whether it mattered if you were drafted out of high school or an indy league, and whatnot(though some are self explanatory, others had me scratching my head). As the old saying goes, my inquiring mind wanted to a few months ago, I figured it was time to check under the hood and see what kind of players I could build. At first, I was only thinking about how to decipher what all the strengths and drawbacks did, but it evolved into something more. I think my findings will interest many here...

Your initial salary will always be $390K. Doesn't matter if you're a 1st rounder with movie star looks or an ugly 5th rounder.
High School/College/Independent League and age don't matter as far as your initial ratings, you'd get the same ratings whether you were 19 or 59.

Fielder Ratings: provided the strength/weakness combo you pick only doles out blue and red abilities (more on that a little later), these never vary. The only things that factor into your initial ratings are your draft round, the skill set you chose, and some strengths/weaknesses. Same goes for pitchers, but I'll lead off with my fielder findings, starting with the all-rounder.
All-Rounder: balanced skill set, best contact, second best in all other categories
Round 1: Con E 6|Pwr F 70|Run Spd D 8|Arm Str D 8|Fld D 8|E Res D 8
Round 2: Con E 6|Pwr F 65|Run Spd D 8|Arm Str E 7|Fld E 7|E Res E 7
Round 3: Con F 5|Pwr F 60|Run Spd E 7|Arm Str E 6|Fld E 6|E Res E 6
Round 4: Con F 5|Pwr F 55|Run Spd E 6|Arm Str F 5|Fld F 5|E Res E 6
Round 5: Con F 4|Pwr F 50|Run Spd F 5|Arm Str F 4|Fld F 4|E Res E 6

Slugger: these guys don't make good contact all that often...but watch out when they do
Round 1: Con G 2|Pwr D 110|Run Spd F 5|Arm Str D 8|Fld F 4|E Res E 6
Round 2: Con G 2|Pwr E 90|Run Spd F 5|Arm Str E 7|Fld F 4|E Res E 6
Round 3: Con G 2|Pwr F 80|Run Spd F 4|Arm Str E 6|Fld G 3|E Res E 6
Round 4: Con G 1|Pwr F 70|Run Spd F 4|Arm Str E 6|Fld G 3|E Res F 5
Round 5: Con G 1|Pwr F 60|Run Spd G 3|Arm Str F 5|Fld G 2|E Res F 5

Speedster: to quote Lou Brown, you may run like Mays, but ya hit like...well, you know the rest
Round 1: Con F 4|Pwr F 55|Run Spd C 11|Arm Str E 7|Fld E 6|E Res E 6
Round 2: Con F 4|Pwr F 50|Run Spd C 10|Arm Str E 6|Fld F 5|E Res E 6
Round 3: Con G 3|Pwr F 45|Run Spd D 9|Arm Str F 5|Fld F 4|E Res E 6
Round 4: Con G 3|Pwr F 40|Run Spd D 8|Arm Str F 4|Fld G 3|E Res F 5
Round 5: Con G 2|Pwr F 35|Run Spd E 7|Arm Str G 3|Fld G 2|E Res F 5

Slick Fielder: think Rey Ordonez. If you manage to improve his hitting a bit, then think Brooks Robinson.
Round 1: Con F 4|Pwr F 45|Run Spd E 7|Arm Str D 9|Fld C 11|E Res D 9
Round 2: Con F 4|Pwr F 40|Run Spd E 6|Arm Str D 8|Fld C 10|E Res D 9
Round 3: Con G 3|Pwr F 35|Run Spd E 6|Arm Str E 7|Fld D 9|E Res D 8
Round 4: Con G 2|Pwr F 30|Run Spd E 6|Arm Str E 6|Fld D 8|E Res D 8
Round 5: Con G 2|Pwr F 25|Run Spd F 5|Arm Str F 5|Fld E 7|E Res E 7

Alright, there ya go, with no effects, these are the ratings your fielders will have. Ah, but now we get to the good stuff...strengths and drawbacks, and what they all do:
50yd/5 sec Speed: +2 to Run Spd
Amazing Bat Control: +1 Con, +10 Pwr
Solid Contact: +30 Pwr, -1 Con, -1 Run Spd, -1 Fld
Fielding Wizard: +1 Run Spd, +2 Fld, -10 Pwr, -1 E Res
Steady Fielding: +1 Fld, +3 E Res, -10 Pwr
Clutch Hitting: Clutch Hit 4
Utility Man: 2nd Position 4, your player will have a second position listed in his profile
Shorty's Footwork: +1 Fld
Rare Intelligence: Gd Catcher
Quick Throwing: +1 Arm Str, +1 Fld
No Lefty Weakness: vs Lefty 4
13 sec Around Basepaths: Base Running 4
Accurate Throwing: Throwing 4
Tough Out: um, Tough Out
Skilled Bunter: Gd Bunt
Rally Starter: Table Setter
Rough Guy: Tough Runner AND Breakup DP
Airtight Fielding: Gd Block
Trusted Teammate: Gd Morale
Natural Power: Trajectory 3
Line Drive Hitter: Trajectory 1, +5 Pwr
High Ball Hitter: upper third of strike zone is red in-game
Low Ball Hitter: lower third of strike zone is red in-game
400 Ft Throw: +10 Pwr, +2 Arm Str, -1 Con, -1 Run Spd
Great Back Strength: +5 Pwr, +2 Arm Str, -1 Con, -1 Run Spd
Gutsy Player: Hd First Slide
Movie Star Looks: +5 Pwr, +7000 fans (1st/2nd round)/+5000 fans (3rd/5th round)...more on that later
Wonderful Physique: +15 Pwr, -1 Fld
Good Hands: +5 Pwr, +1 Fld
Sparkplug: +5 Pwr, Gd/Pr Morale (depending on chosen drawback)
Solid Build: Durability 4
Great Versatility: 4 gray abilities are 3/4 full. For hitters, all 4 are usually blue abilities
Consistency: Consistency 4

Four sets of strengths are mutually exclusive, if you have one you can't have the other. These are:
Fielding Wizard---Steady Fielding
Shorty's Footwork---Wonderful Physique
High Ball Hitter---Low Ball Hitter
Natural Power---Line Drive Hitter

And now, the drawbacks and what they're canceled out by:
Chokes w/Men On: Clutch Hit 2, +5 Pwr (Clutch Hitting)
Weakness vs Lefties: vs Lefty 2 (No Lefty Weakness)
Injury Prone: Durability 2 (Solid Build)
Poor Base Stealing: Stealing 2
Bad Base Running: Base Running 2 (13 sec Around Bases)
Shaky Throwing Arm: Throwing 2 (Accurate Throwing)
Inconsistency: Consistency 2 (Consistency)
Tenses Up In A Jam: Timely Whiff
Can't Read Situation: Pr Morale (this overrides Sparkplug's Gd Morale) (Trusted Teammate)
Weak Under Pressure: Error Prone
Ugly Dude: +1 Con, +10 Pwr, +1 Run Spd, +1 Arm Str, +1 Fld, +1 E Res, initial number of fans halved (Movie Star Looks)

Speaking of fans...I only found out after registering on the forum that Movie Star/Ugly Dude affected how many fans you have, so earlier in the day I did a little more experimentation to see just how many fans that is. Aside from the aforementioned strengths/drawbacks, the only thing that affects your initial fanbase is your draft round:
1st: at least 50,000
2nd: at least 30,000
3rd: at least 10,000
4th: at least 5,000
5th: at least 2,000
and as mentioned in that big ol list you just got through, Movie Star Looks adds 7000 fans for 1st/2nd rounders, and 5000 for the rest; conversely, Ugly Dude slashes these numbers in half, or in a 1st rounder's case, nearly half. So, class...let's make a powerpro, shall we?
My example will be a slugger RF, I'll make him a 2nd rounder. I think I'll give him Solid Contact, Wonderful Physique and Poor Basestealing...and so...I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.
Cerrano RF CLE
Trj 2|Con G 1|Pwr C 135|Run Spd F 4|Arm Str E 7|Fld G 2|E Res E 6
Stealing 2
work in progress? definitely. aint that many rooks who aren't. If not for that awful contact, you could make the opening day roster pretty easily...but if you're the type of player who'd take on a guy like this, easy aint the name of your game

Now taking the mound, your Life pitcher! Unlike fielders, there may be a 1 mph difference in top spd, and the types of breaking pitches you get are random. This is goin down the same way as it did for fielders, starting with the Power Pitcher:
Power Pitcher: Live by the heater, die by the heater.
Round 1: Top Spd 91|Ctrl F 105|Stam D 70|2 Lv1 pitches
Round 2: Top Spd 90|Ctrl F 100|Stam D 65|2 Lv1 pitches
Round 3: Top Spd 88|Ctrl G 90|Stam D 60|1 Lv1 pitch
Round 4: Top Spd 86|Ctrl G 80|Stam E 50|1 Lv1 pitch
Round 5: Top Spd 85|Ctrl G 70|Stam E 45|1 Lv1 pitch

Junk Baller: for those who like variety
Round 1: Top Spd 85|Ctrl D 120|Stam D 70|1 Lv3 pitch, 2 Lv1 pitches
Round 2: Top Spd 84|Ctrl E 110|Stam D 65|1 Lv3 pitch, 2 Lv1 pitches
Round 3: Top Spd 83|Ctrl F 100|Stam D 60|1 Lv2 pitch, 2 Lv1 pitches
Round 4: Top Spd 82|Ctrl G 95|Stam E 50|1 Lv2 pitch, 2 Lv1 pitches
Round 5: Top Spd 80|Ctrl G 90|Stam E 40|3 Lv1 pitches

Control Specialist: best control you can get
Round 1: Top Spd 85|Ctrl C 140|Stam D 70|3 Lv1 pitches
Round 2: Top Spd 84|Ctrl C 135|Stam D 65|3 Lv1 pitches
Round 3: Top Spd 83|Ctrl D 130|Stam D 60|3 Lv1 pitches
Round 4: Top Spd 82|Ctrl D 125|Stam E 50|2 Lv1 pitches
Round 5: Top Spd 80|Ctrl D 120|Stam E 40|2 Lv1 pitches

Workhorse: best stamina
Round 1: Top Spd 86|Ctrl E 110|Stam C 100|3 Lv1 pitches
Round 2: Top Spd 85|Ctrl F 105|Stam C 90|3 Lv1 pitches
Round 3: Top Spd 84|Ctrl F 100|Stam C 80|2 Lv1 pitches
Round 4: Top Spd 83|Ctrl G 90|Stam D 75|2 Lv1 pitches
Round 5: Top Spd 82|Ctrl G 80|Stam D 70|2 Lv1 pitches

Now that you know the base ratings for pitching skills (Someday, I might try to chart pitchers' fielding abilities. But not today.), here goes another long list of strengths and what they do:
Buzzing Fastball: +2 Top Spd, -20 Ctrl, -25 Stam, 1 fewer breaking pitch
Unbeatable Toughness: +10 Stam, -10 Ctrl
Amazing Control: +20 Ctrl, -1 Top Spd
Nasty Breaking Ball: Spin 4, -1 Top Spd, -10 Stam
Variety of Pitches: +5 Ctrl, -2 Top Spd, -10 Stam...and either 1 more Lv1 breaking pitch if your base abilities include 1-2 breakers, or a Lv2 breaker if they'd already have 3
Tireless Pitching: you'd think it has something to do with stamina, but I didn't notice any changes to that, or any abilities. I'm thinking this may affect when you peak, so this might be a long-haul strength. I'm not even 1% sure on that, though.
Good Control & Spin: Spin 4, +5 Ctrl, -5 Stam
90 mph Fastball: +1 Top Spd, -20 Ctrl, -10 Stam, 1 fewer breaking pitch (a bit of a misnomer, eh?)
Gutsy Pitching: w/RISP 4
Pinpoint Accuracy: +30 Ctrl, -10 Stam
Sweeping Breaker: -1 Top Spd, -10 Ctrl, -10 Stam, either 1 more Lv1 breaking pitch or upgraded breaker, like Variety of Pitches
Lefty Killer: vs LH Batter 4
Nerves of Steel: Poise 4
Fastball with Life: Fastball Life 4, -3 Top Spd
Quick Release: Release 4
Super Recovery: Recovery 4
Powerful Fastball: Fastball Life 4 & Gyroball, -3 Top Spd, -15 Ctrl, -10 Stam, 1 fewer breaking pitch
Avoids the Big Hit: Safe Pitch, -3 Ctrl
Keeps Pitches Low: Gd Low Pitch, +10 Ctrl, -1 Top Spd
Groundball Pitches: Groundball P, -2 Top Spd, -5 Ctrl, -5 Stam
Strong Finisher: Str Finisher
Great Pickoff Move: Gd Pickoff
Determined Pitcher: Battler, -1 Top Spd
Poker Face: Poker Face
Spinning Fastball: -1 Top Spd, -10 Ctrl, start with Lv1 2SFB
Great Back Strength: +1 Top Spd, -20 Ctrl, 1 fewer breaking pitch
Gutsy Player: no apparent effect
Movie Star Looks: you only get the fanbase bonus
Wonderful Physique: +15 Stam
Good Hands: +10 Ctrl
Sparkplug: no apparent effect
Solid Build: Durability 4
Great Versatility: Like with fielders, 4 gray abilities are 3/4 full. Beware though, it's more likely 2 or 3 of em will turn into red abilities
Consistency: Consistency 4, though strangely, it shows up in your fielding page instead of your pitching 2 page

And before I hit you with the drawbacks, here go the mutually exclusive pitcher strengths:
Good Control & Spin---Wonderful Physique
Powerful Fastball---Spinning Fastball
Determined Pitching---Poker Face
Variety of Pitches---Sweeping Breaker

Now, the drawbacks, what they do, and what strenghts cancel em out:
Lack of Courage: w/RISP 2 (Gutsy Pitching)
Weakness vs Lefties: vs LH Batter 2 (Lefty Killer)
Set Role Uncertainty: vs Runner 2
Crybaby: Poise 2 (Nerves of Steel)
No Life on Fastball: Fastball Life 2 (Fastball with Life or Powerful Fastball)
No Spin on Breaker: Spin 2 (Good Control & Spin or Nasty Breaking Ball)
No Quick Release: Release 2 (Quick Release)
Slow Recovery: Recovery 2 (Super Recovery)
Many Mistake Pitches: Fat Pitch (Avoids the Big Hit)
Poor Finisher: Choke Artist
Lots of Walks: Walk
Slow Starter: Slow Starter, +10 Stam
Slacker: Sandbag
Shuuto-like Fastball: Shuuto Spin & Throwing 2
Few Groundball Outs: Flyball P (Groundball Pitches)
Short Temper: Hothead (Poker Face)
Ugly Dude: +1 Top Spd, +10 Ctrl, +10 Stam, additional Lv1 breaking pitch, or Lv2 pitch upgrade if already at 3 breaking pitches, 50% fanbase penalty (Movie Star Looks)

Now that you know all of that, I'll trot out another example player...Round 2 Power Pitcher, methinks. I'll throw Buzzing Fastball, Strong Finisher and No Spin on Breaker in the mixing bowl...and what do we get here?
Rutabega CHC P
Top Spd 92|Ctrl G 80|Stam E 40|1 Lv1 pitch
Spin 2 | Str Finisher
Rowengarter won't fit, so I went with the shortest botched pronunciation. Poor control won't be as much of a detriment to making it to the bigs as poor contact is, so I'd say a kid with these stats has a decent shot at sticking around for opening day.

This probably took you a little less time for you to read thru than it took for me to write, but hey, decent info takes a while. Hope some folks find this helpful.


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