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Patty Arc Guide

Post by kungfupandacam on Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:09 am

ust so everyone knows here is the Patty dating arc.

Obtaining Gyroball/Intimidator

How to complete Patty for Gyroball (pitchers) and Intimidator (hitters):
1. Go to the Ducks - Ben gives you +1 motivation and +50 vitatlity.
2. Go to the Ducks - Say you want to work there.
3. Go to the Ducks - Ask For Patty- Talk to her.
4. Go to the Ducks - Ask Patty for a date - She will say ok (if not then repeat this step)
5. Go to the Ducks - Ask Patty for a date - Choose lookout
6. Go to the Ducks - Ask Patty for a date - Choose another location other than lookout.
7. Go to the Ducks - Repeat steps 5 and 6 (Go to lookout then another location )until you have the fireworks at the lookout. During one of these visits Ben will notice you two dating.
8. After Sittch has an event where he says he is a spy - go to the ducks and work
9. Sometimes Ben just appears and asks you about the Black Dog Restauraunt. If he does not then go to the street and he will meet you and ask you to spy on the Black Dog and you say yes. This can be triggered by eating at Ducks once and working there once.
10. Marvin will give you a black dog hot dog during an Random Event.
11. During Week 2 or Week 3 in December Ben will come and give you a gift for Patty (Random Encounter)(If he does not show then have a gift you have already purchased or save and reload until he comes) This will only be triggered if Ben sees you and Patty dating.
12. At Christmas, Patty will come to you (Random encounter). You will go out. Give her the pendant and she will give you a surprise bag and a secrets of hitting (fielders) or secrets of pitching (pitchers).
13. When Dad introduces himself go to the Ducks - Patty will be there and Ben is getting a loan.
14. Go to the Ducks - Ask Patty for a date choose Mountain
15. Go to Ducks Ask Patty Out - Patty is late - Ben collapses
16. Work at Ducks
17. Work at Ducks - chosse to do groceries
18. Work at Ducks - Patty asks you for walk - choose "Sure, that's fine." (to work the company with her)
19. Go to Ducks- You find that Patty left for school.
20. Go to Ducks (after a couple of weeks, it seems to be varied) and Patty is back
21. Go to Ducks- Date Patty - Go to lookout - She gives gyro/intimidator and some other things as well. She gives 110 breaking ball, Tri Fangs, and Gyroball for pitchers. She gives 110 quickness, Falcon Spikes and Intimidator for hitters; she gives Glove Wax and Spike Wax to both. This ends her arc. You can still date her but you do not need to after this point.


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